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LEYUAN Industry is a high degree of social responsibility of informal enterprises, LEYUAN Industry (http://www.LEYUAN.com) site in strict accordance with the "People's Republic of China Copyright Law" and other related laws and regulations, not publication of any infringement of copyright information to others, but also strongly defend their own legitimate rights and interests.

1, LEYUAN Industry owns LEYUAN Industry (http://www.LEYUAN.com) all the copyright;

2, without permission, refused any website (whether it is a commercial site or personal web sites) may not be reposted site works (whether formally published on the website or the information posted on the community information network);

3, on the website, publications or other media content using our web site, need to first obtain the permission of the copyright holder, and the two sides agreed in accordance with the manner and scope of the use of the content;

4, quoted on the reasonable description of the contents of this site: For a reasonable quote information from this site, should be clearly identified sources; You can choose a different description of the way, but need to be clearly set out the complete web site information;

5 The following works use of this site without permission of the copyright:

<1> make a fuss about the title of the site and keep the original URL link to the right;

<2> in the website to make a fuss about the title and / or summary of the contents and keep the original URL link to the right;

<3> in the site or make a summary of publications, and maintain original author, source (website name), URL the three elements of the right;

<4> "People's Republic of China copyright law," the rational use of other methods;

6, on the way this site works signed Description: Ya-Qi Shi Watch Women's jeans have the copyright of all content, regardless of whether these have a clear signature, also signed in whatever form; In general, the site works signed including but not limited to the following manner: Watch Ya-Qi Shi, the author, such as personal name, which can be individually signed and there can be a two or a combination of two or more names;

7, the above statement does not include other aspects, in accordance with the "People's Republic of China Copyright Law" and other related laws.

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