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Walking on Water Is So Easy and Fun!

Yes it is! The water ball, also known as the water walking ball, is an inflatable sphere made of transparent plastic that literally enables you to walk or run across the water.

 The size of the sphere may vary. Usually it measures 2 meters (6 ft 7 in) in diameter and has a zipper entrance for quick access. What makes it different form the normal Zorbing ball is that the water ball has only one layer of plastic. Rather than travelling down-hill on a slope, this inflatable ball is designed specifically for walking on water surfaces.

Water Walking has rapidly gained popularity in the world. You can read about water zorbing here. Truth be told, water balls are really cool. They have been featured in music videos and movies ever since 1971. They just weren’t available to the general public. But nowadays, they can be found at marinas, lakes, swimming pools, theme parks and even inside malls. They are super fun for both children and adults.

Historically, the first water walking balls have appeared in the 1970s. Nonetheless, it was only in 1998 that Charles Blane Jones created the first large scale commercial water ball. And good thing that he did! Because these balls are super fun! And now we can all enjoy walking on water in our personal inflatable spheres. 
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